Digital Marketing

According to the latest research from the transportation and logistics industry, digital marketing is one of the top three categories of investment. Leaders understand the need to continually grow, reinvent themselves and connect with customers in deeper ways. Digital marketing allows transportation and logistics firm to present their message authentically when a prospect or customer is using the Internet.


We bring more than 30 years industry knowledge and an in-depth understanding of services and issues facing the transportation and logistics industry. We uniquely leverage our insights to create, specific websites, micro-sites, ads and social media programs to present your firm and services online.


Our clients experience great lead conversion and more qualified inquiries by designing and implementing the “right” digital marketing solution. Avoid the traps of rushing to launch or thinking of a website as an “IT project.” Rather, Business to Business Communications uses digital marketing as a tool to expertly weave in your brand message, your unique selling proposition and services through modern Google marketing strategies.


We form a great team with senior leaders to develop content, enhance brand image and develop new leads that grow our client’s sales pipeline. If you’re interested to learn more, let’s have a conversation about how we can help you grow your business and your brand through digital marketing.

Collaboration Strategy

Business to Business Communications is a personal & professional business development and communications consultancy. Content Development and Story Telling deliver messaging so that our clients get, keep and grow their teams and/or their customers and when they do, everybody wins…employees, customers, providers and stakeholders.

Association Strategy

Blogs, podcasts, audio, video and other ongoing content delivery methods are important tools to deliver messages that the market needs and wants. The goal is to deliver through digital marketing methods. Interviews, white papers, customer testimonials and position papers are more options for “the message” to be delivered but nothing beats a face to face or one on one. “Quality Introductions” are another value that plays into the mix. And we can help design and manage your website or landing pages and measure your digital targeted audience.

Communication Strategy

Social Media and other tools of technology are fantastic ways capture an audience and tell your story. We work on the inside or the outside of your organization with our communications network of professionals. Technology can generate exceptional lead generation opportunities when managed by experts who are driven to deliver through SEO (search engine optimization) and other tools of technology. However, cost-benefit relationships need to be evaluated prior to execution. Those activities can be managed on an individual basis by our team’s experts. We have virtually all marketing and communications verticals covered. Partner charges can be billed directly or separately through Business to Business Communications.