About Denny Grim

President & CEO
Business to Business Communication

Executive Producer

Sound Business Network

Education Chairman Emeritus

Annual Dinner Chairman Emeritus
Traffic Club of Chicago

“Lifetime Achievement Award”

TMSA (Transport Marketing & Sales Assoc.)

Founding Member

“The Supply Chain Blueprint”

Business to Business Communications is a 36-year Purpose Driven Business Development, Marketing and Connections Consultancy. We are Marketing Integrators delivering content and collaboration through Social Networks and Interpersonal Connections. Content Development and Story Telling incorporate Thought Leadership, Relationship Management and Network Development concepts that connect Target Marketing with Media Platforms focused on Personal and Professional Development.

BBC’s vision, value, mission and strategy are delivered to the Freight Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Marketplace, integrating Collaboration, Association and Media specific systems.


Our Vision:
to Lead Leaders…to equip, encourage and engage “the team”…and then to channel that motivated, educated and inspired force to reach out and serve their personal and professional community of connections and relationships through collaboration…working together for the good of the whole.


Our Values:
to Love God and to Love People


Our Mission:
to Get, Keep and Grow our people and our relationships and the enterprise that develops from them.


Our Strategy:
to differentiate our customers from their competitors, identifying leaders in the organization, serving their needs and positioning them for even greater levels of success